enshrined in the field school writing, Tambon Nong Prong a hole in the Royal Handwriting Monument to inoculate the hand, the writing of His Majesty King a comma, King Mongkut, the head, which has come to visit of Prachinburi province, when this year, in 2451 he had written on disc 3 layers, which is the remains of antiques in Lop Buri Prince Paribatra the 12-13, is the high places the most important of one of the city of Prachinburi province, the trip from the city of Prachinburi province, use national road number 3069 (, Prachin Buri Si- Maha Phot) and turn right to a monument Lai to inoculate the hand to the ban khok standing on the road number 3070 (Si Maha Phot-Si Mahosot) for approximately 1.5 kilometers.

Royal Handwriting Monument



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