Situated along side the Hat Yai-Sungai-kolok railway tracks at Tambon Pa Rai, Khok Pho District, is connected to Pattani town by Highway no. 409, a distance of some 30 kms. and a further 1 km. On and asphalt access road to reach the temple. More than three nundred years old, it was where the highly revered monk Luang Poh Tuad used to reside, who gave instructions before he died in Saiburi that he be crematedat this temple. A stupa was subsequently built at Wat Chang Hai to enshrine his remains. As a major religious site of Pattani and the South as a whole, it is the venue where ceremonial pouring of lustral water rituals are performed on the Luang Poh Tuads remains, attracting also large number of visitors.

Wat Chang Hai Rasburanaram


Thung Phla, Khok Pho, Pattani, 94180 Map

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