“ This is one of the most popular family beaches on Koh Lanta where water sports lovers will be guaranteed of maximum entertainment and adventure.  The calm and shallow water make it especially safe for children. ”

Kor Kwang Beach or Deer Neck Beach is situated on the west of the island, north of Klong Dao Beach, it is a little hill shaded by pine trees. Here, you can see the curve of the shores, looking like neck of deer. It's good to watch sunset here.

  • Good season is November to May every year.
  • From Talad Saladan, take 4-wheel vehicle or hire motorcycle touring from the market, turn right at the lane next to Ban Saladan School and go along the way to the beach for a total distance of 3 kilometers.

Kor Kwang Beach or Deer Neck Beach


Ko Lanta Yai, Krabi, Thailand Map

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