“it is a large mountain. Shaped like a crouching elephant. what can you see inside of the cave is the beautiful stalagmite and stalactites that shining in inside the cave.”

Khao Chang is a huge mountain is like a resembling crouched elephant situated behind Phang-ngas former city hall. It is considered a symbol of Phang-nga. There is a mountain, it is dark and long cave called Tham Phung Chang which is full of stalactites and stalagmites that shine when the light is focus. Exploring through the dark cave have to be done both on foot and by boat since some parts of the cave are always flooded.

THe Khao Chang is a mountaon on Phangnga that you will enjoy the nature. At the foot of the mountain is the Wat Phra Paht Phra Chim temple.

Travel throughout the year.

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Khao Chang


T.takdad A. Muang Phang Nga Map

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