“The Hanging Rock is pretty spectacular together with magnificent stalagmite and stalactites. And one side of cave have plenty seashells stuck with mountain.”

Tham Khao Ngum across entrance Tham Phung Chang It has a pretty spectacular stalactites and Have many seashells stuck in the mountain.

 A small shallow cave at Phung Chang  in Wat Praphat Prachim Khet contains with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that spark like a diamond when you focus the light There is a streams flow throughout the the year this work of mother nature is one of the many caves here in Tham Khao Ngum, Phangnga that the tourist enjoyed so much here dont forget to pass in this place when you visit Phangnga

Travel throughout year.

Its only 1 hour from Phukket

Tham Khao Ngum


Thai Chang, A.Muangphangnga, Phangnga Map

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