“Watch Life of fisherman villagers, buying souvenirs and dining in a seafood restaurant”

The location of this place is in the steep of the limestone and surrounded by the water. There are Muslim villagers living and selling snacks and souveniers.  This is also the pit stop point of the boat going to different places of Phang Nga. 

Koh Panyee is a steed of limestone located at southern Thailand the people live here used to be a fisherman before. It is a small flat island of about one kilometer.There are about 120 households and the majority of the population earn their living from fishery, selling souvenirs and food to tourists. There is one public school named Ban Ko Panyi School, and the villagers are mostly Moslem.

This place now a days served as a pit stop for the tourist servong lunch and snack you can also find lots of souvenir items and most of the villagers is Muslim, in this place you will see the different style of living of the villagers aside from on this place is the pit stop of some boat to have snack and shopping of souviniers.

In the late-20th century, the community found it difficult to subsist solely on the fishing industry and the postman proposed to invite tourists to the village to benefit the residents. Here, presently, is one of the main attractions on tours of Phang Nga Bay by most traveling from Phuket, often serving as a lunch stop.

In addition, their legendary football team's old pitch serves as a major attraction. The village became a pit stop during the fourth leg of the 19th season on the U.S. reality show "The Amazing Race".

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