“Iconic landmark of Phang-nga, it's name means a rock giant nail.”

It's name "Khao Tapu" meaning a huge rock bar, located in the sea area on the river mouth of Phangnga Bay near Khao Phing Kan. When you viewed it from the distance, it looks like a giant nail hammering into the deep water.  Many also know in the name of the "James Bond Island".

Departing from Phuket island, day-tours using longtail boats usually land at Ko Khao Phingkan, where market booths are set up. The islands are located within the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

This place is very popular among the tourist and locals since it was featured in one movie of 007,now a days it was very famous and they called it "James Bond Island" the natural beauty of this place os one of the reason why the maker of the movie choose this place.

Shops are also available at this place where you can buy your snacks and food.

Travel throughout the year.

You can hire motorboat to get there

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