“There are many waterfalls and swim near the wat suwannakhuha. There many species of wildlife to see on the route of nature.”

This fall is situated near Wat Tham Suwan Khuha, i.e. from km.31, there is a seven km branch road on the right ledading to the fall. Raman Waterfall, medium sized falls, is surrounded by thick jungle providing water all year. There is a large sized rest pavillion but other facilities are not available there.

Raman cascade is another trip to the waterfall near the Cave of Raman the surrounding area is wilderness with waterfalls all year round. A pavilion seat big one back and feel the mist of the water coming from the falls,this is really refreshing.

Raman waterfall near Wat Tham Suwannakhuha at 31 km and turn right into the 7 km
- Phang-nga town along Highway 4. Phet Kasem road Toward tambon Krasom away from the city about 11 kilometers and turn right into the park the next 6 km. or
- from amphoe Takua Thung. Highway 4, about 10 km to the junction left into the park.
- Can be rented at the market in the district go to the national park.

Raman Waterfall


Tak Daet A.Takua Thung Phangnga Map

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