“Koh Yao Attraction :- Clear water beach, quiet, private atmosphere around the island.- The rubber plantation- Cornfield using buffalo to plow”

Koh Yao has an area of ​​about 137.6 square kilometers. Consists of two large islands is koh yao noi and koh yao yai surrounded by a small island. Tourists can travel to Koh Yao in many ways. For example from Bang Rong Pier - phuket, Ao Tha Len - Krabi, Phang Nga Bay - Phang Nga because koh yao located in the middle of Andaman Sea between the three provinces.

This island is well preserved by the sea gypsie and due to lack of infrastructure the island os still have the natural beauty. The island is the sanctuary for at least 4 species of hornbills, very commonly seen around. 

There are also a place to stay or to eat, few restaurant and establishment. its located at the near the beach.

  • Travel throughout the year
  • Airplane from Phukket International Airport
  • All boat transfers to/from Koh Yao Noi, updated regularly.
  • Long-distance bus from Bangkok or one of the larger cities North of Phuket

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