“Great Pagoda This temple was in the Ayutthaya period, when Phraya Khen Bon was reigning. This place is called Kong Chang.”

Wat Rong Chang an ancient temple of Ayutthaya period when Phraya Khon Bon Bon to reign. This place is called "Konk Chang" because it is an elephant camp. Later it was called "Klong Chang " until the government opened a local school at this temple. It was changed to "Wat Rong Chang"

There are 3 big Buddha statues in the garden.

1 The attitude of subduing Mara

1 The attitude of persuading the relatives no

1 Reclining Buddha 

Interesting thing : The main pagoda of the inner temple was built as a secret underground chamber for collecting 84,000 copies of the Buddha's teachings. The future may have unexpected events, such as Nuclear war, which can cause Tripitaka lost from the world.

Getting there: Located at Rong Chang district, next to Phichit Road. Three-pronged (Highway 115 and Highway 1068), approximately 5 km.

For more information, please visit: TAT Office Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Phichit) 055-259907, 055-252742-3

Wat Rong Chang


135 Ban Rong Chang, Village No. 2, Rong Chang Subdistrict, Mueang Phichit District, Phichit Province 66000 Map

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