“It is found that a Buddha’s image resembling Luang Pho Nguen.”

Wat Hua Dong Phichit It was constructed in 1870. The ceremony of monastic boundary began in 1925 with total area of around 400 rais. Interestingly, on February 17, 1995, The image’s lap is 5 inches long. Moreover, the body in brasscomes out ofa 20-year Lagerstroemia. Luang Pho Nguen is an instructor commonly known and highly respected by a large number of people. The area of WatHua Dong includesbuildings such as an ancient ubosot, a big building restored in 2011 so as to be a heritage for the posterity. At present, it has not been clearly confirmed when the ubosot was constructed.People have told different stories. In 1982, the newubosot was constructed by religious Buddhists. Another thing is that the lap of two images imitating Luang Pho Petchmesures 25 inches wide. Another one’s lap measures 23 inches wide.Moreover, there are images of PraMokkhanlana and PraSaleebudh, all of which total 6 images.

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Wat Hua Dong Phichit


Moo 7, TambonHua Dong, Pichit Province Map

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