“A Summer Palace of King Rama VI, built in 1923.”

King Rama V, or King Mongkutklao had it designed by and Italian architect, built of teak wood with gilding.  It sets at the beach in Tambon Haui Sai Nuea, Amphoe Cha-am. The area was then abundant with wildlife especially deer, thus resulting in such a name of this palace which means Deer Garden. The palace consists of 3 important buildings.

This magnificent Summer Palace Phra Ratchaniwet Maruekkhathaiyawan was built in 1923 for King Rama IV. The construction includes a beautiful combination of terraces and grated premises. Now the Palace, restored to its former glory, is a must-see for tourists. Glorious palm trees, caves filled with Buddha images and local sweets are the main local attractions for visitors.

Daily Open: 08.00-16.00 hrs.

For group, you must prepare a letter to the office: 032-471-388 or 032-471130

Dressing: more casual and polite, no shorts or mini-skrits are strictly pohibited.

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