See the magnificient artistic work Wat Mahathat was built according to the old precept of having a temple in the middle of the town to enshrine Buddha relics. The construction is believed to have been taken place built during the time when khmer kingdom was still powerful in this region about 800 years ago. The temple has a collection of artistic and historical artifacts of various periods, including stone wheel of the Dharma and the attired main Buddha image in stucco work in the posture of subduing mara “Phra Buddha Thewarit”, of Ayutthaya period, in the royal hall or wihan Luang; red stone Bai Sema of Dvaravati-Lop Buri period, around Phra Ubosot, and other work of Phetchaburi school of arts in Rattanakosin era. Mural paintings in Wihan Luang depict the last previous life of Buddha “Maha Vessandorn Jataka”, and Buddha in the posture of subduing mara on the front wall. The old laterrite Phra Prang Ha Yot, the middle and tallest stupa is 42 meters high surrounded by 4 smaller stupas.The royal hall enshrines the three major and sacred Buddha images in Phetchaburi: Luang Pho Wat Mahathat, Luang Pho Wat Ban Laem and Luang Pho Wat Khao Takhrao.

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