King Rama IV had it built at Ban Puen village by the river of Phetchaburi in 1910, the very last year of his reign, to be his retreat in the rainy season. It was a model of the summer palace of Keiser Whilhelm of Germany. Mr. Carl Dohring, the German architect who had designed Bang Khun Phrom Palace, was assigned to supervise the construction which was in Jugendstil style, a mixture between the Baroque and Art Nouveau.

The palace was completed in 1981 in the reign of King Rama VI who named it Phra Ram Ratchniwet. It was later used as the lodging for foreign visiting dignitaries. The palace is just a big 2-storeyed building with a high roof in a dome shape called Sanphet Prasat. A garden and fountain pond is surrounded by the mansion compound. The interior design focused on grandness and luxury. The dinning room’s walls had ceramics finish. The yellow tiles embossed with pictures of animals and plants, were framed with smaller green ceramic tiles. The door’s opening was decorated with wrought iron in Art Nouveau style. The columns in the bed rooms were faced with shiny gold coloured embossed metal sheets.  

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