“Wat Chang Puak is the place where the funeral of the father in the glass. Your body is not rotten.”

The history of Luang Poo Phra Dhamma has been around for many ages, especially during the ancient period. We have often heard stories about many gods. You reach the holiness that appears to the villagers, such as the arrogance of the elder, who spelled the spirit of Mrs. Naga calm down. Luang Pu Tread the sea to fresh water. The holy gods are still there. Until now, whether it is a politician, athlete or businessman, it is always popular to Luang Por Koon to knock the head for prosperity. Phetchabun is another province where there is a holy story named "Phra Kru Vichit Patchara" or the villagers call him "Luang Pho Dad". Father was born on March 3, 2424 on Friday. 14th evening of the fourth year of the year, he is the son of Mr. Taro and Mrs. Indra Viddee. There are 4 siblings. The original residence is at Ban Yang Hua, Wang Chomphu. Like learning a language, Khmer At the age of 16, he was ordained a novice at Wat Changpuk, Tambon Kham (Wang Chom Phu), Amphoe Mueang, Phetchabun Province until the age of 21 years, ordained at Wat Koh Kaew and earned the nickname " "When he ordained, he was ordained at Wat Changpue 2 years later, then moved to the temple at Wat Pong 2 years and he has hiked to the deep forests in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Deep in magic At that time, the father had to meet with wildlife species.

Sometimes there are wild elephants and tigers. Living and lying down. He gave me a great deal and prayed, "You're so good at me, you're so good at me, and I'm good at it. Lie down, "the wild animals are sleeping as usual, without disturbing the father. The story of the Holy Father still appears again. At one time a man ran to ask for help from the pastor. Telling people to kill because they know about his robbery. The father took a piece of wood to leave the spell. Then handed it to the man. Then say that if someone came to live. Do not say anything I have a group of people running to ask Luang Por that people are running this way. I do not want to lie to answer that. "If you see me," the man was not happy, turned his gun to Luang Por. The gun is not fired. The bandits bowed and apologized. Luang Prabang's reputation began to be known to the general public, began to see the sacred Luang Pho is a devout Buddhist monk, meditation well, as well as the temple builders built many churches.

In addition, the creation of amulets. And fortune tellers protect the villagers from all dangers. Luang Por Tad Vajasit, the monk of Wat Phra Phutthabat Chonanda, was born in the year of King Rama V's death. Back to the development at the Chang Puak. Which became a deserted temple. Back to prosperity.

One day, Luang Por sat with his kith and kin, saying, "If Luang Phaw died Let's not leave the corpse at Wat Chang Phuak, do not burn. The next day, there will be a help to develop the temple Changchue itself. "Luang Pho Moran on March 14, 1976 around noon. Your physique is kept in a glass house in the mahout at Wat Changpue, where visitors can worship by "Wat Changpuek" Wang Chomphu, Muang Phetchabun Before the intersection Wang Chom Phu about 2 km.

Festival: March is the annual anniversary of the death of the father.

Getting there: From Phetchabun City take Highway 21 to Wang Chom Sam Road intersection, turn left to Nong Phai. Between the 118th kilometer before the third intersection, the left hand side will have a sign indicating the entrance to the temple for about 700 meters.

For more information, please visit: Phetchabun Tourism and Sports Office 056-737094-5

TAT Office Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Phichit) 055-259907, 055-252742-3

TAT Call Center 1672

Wat Chang Phueak


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