“The largest WichianBuriRattanaMingmongkhon”

Within the compound of WatWichianBamrung, the largest WichianBuriRattanaMingmongkhon Reclining Buddha Image in the province is enshrined. The reclining statue is 50 meters long and stands five meters high, facing the rising sun in the east. The statue is mostly made of cement, but was painted a beautiful glittering gold. It is said that the image contains the relics of the Lord Buddha’s collarbone.

The temple is also home to statues of historic Thai ruler King Naresuan the Great, PhraSuphanKanlaya (his sister), and King Ekathotsarot (his brother). A beautifully engraved timber tree boat, dating to the Ayutthaya Kingdom, was discovered in the Pa Sak River and is housed at the temple as well.

WatWichianBamrung is located in TambonThaRong, near the WichianBuri District Office, off of Highway No. 21 (LomSak - Saraburi Route).

The temple is open daily from 6.00 am-5.00 pm. 

Wat Wichian Bamrung


Tha Rong, Wichian Buri District, Phetchabun 67130 Map

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