“It's a point where you can see the scenery. It is one of the important bases to capture the area. At present, the official has organized a weapons museum, open for people to visit every day.”

Than Itthi (Weapons museum) It's a scenic spot. It is an important base to occupy space. At present, the authorities had established a museum open arms to have visitors every day. By bringing big guns carcass car tank And weapons used in fighting the battle on Khao Kho a lot. Conducting a briefing room for visitors in groups.

Best time to travel: All year round

Open everyday time: 07.00 AM. - 05.00 PM 

Travel : Follow Highway No. 2196, slightly past km. 28, then turn to Highway No. 2323 for about 3 km., a total distance of about 31 km.

Than Itthi Khao Kho


JX3M+F9G Khao Kho Subdistrict, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67270 Map

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