“The most popular experiment is to stop the engine, park the car, and shift the gear to neutral. ”

Magic Hill is a small place where many people drive pass. It is located at the 17th-18th kilometer marker on the highway number 2258 in Rim Si Muang Sub-district, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province. The wonder of the Magic Hill is hard to explain to children as the things used in the experiment can go upward against what eyes can see. The car will amazingly move upward on the hill for around 10 meters. It is proved that this phenomena is resulted from illusion. The height_ of the hill is lower than the hill ascent; therefore, the car moves backwards because of the gravity of earth.

Direction: from Phetchabun Province, take the highway number 21 (Phetchabun- Lom Sak) for approximately 13 kilometers. At Na Ngua T-junction, turn left to the highway number 2258. The road starts with the kilometer marker number 0 and the Magic Hill is located between the 17th and 18th kilometer marker.

Noen Mahasachan Area Check Point


Rim Si Muang, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67270 Map

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