“The temple houses a large Buddha image with a lap width of 4.85 meters, cast by Burmese craftsmen.”

The temples, built in 1827 in Shan arts, are located  around  Nong Chong Kham Public Park.  In the image hall, Luang Pho To is enshrined as the main buddha image.Opposite to the temples, a bar beer is recommended for beer lovers especially during the winter's evening  the temples will be decorated with colorful lights reflecting on Nong Chong Kham. Such relaxing feel is hardly found at any places.

Wat Chong Kham


Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son Province 58000 Map

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Open now : 6.00 - 20.30

Mon6.00 - 20.30
Tue6.00 - 20.30
Wed6.00 - 20.30
Thu6.00 - 20.30
Fri6.00 - 20.30
Sat6.00 - 20.30
Sun6.00 - 20.30



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