“What To Pae, visit the Thai Yai temple Burmese-style large temples are very beautiful and ornate. There is also a Mon pagoda as well.”

Wat Tor Phae is located at Ban Tor Phae, Mae Ngao Sub-district, about 7 kilometers from Khun Yuam Market. Before reaching the market, there is a crossroads from Route 108 for about 5 kilometers on a paved road. It is an old temple on the right bank of the Yuam River with a large Burmese-style viharn.Beautifully built, very beautiful It is also ancient and beautiful. Tourists often do not miss a visit when passing through this route. There is also a Mon pagoda as well. According to history, this area used to be a resting place and gathering logs. These raft builders came together to build a temple and named it "What Tor Phae".

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How to get there: From the junction to Khun Yuam Hospital, take Highway No. 108 towards Mae La Noi District for about 350 m. Turn right to Mae Ngao Subdistrict Administrative Organization, turn about 4.5 km., and find the temple junction on the left. Turn into another 450 m. to the temple area.

Wat Tor Phae


RW23+7C Mae Ngao Subdistrict, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son 58140 Map

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