“A ban Rak Thai, a village of Yunnan Chinese former Nationalist Chinese soldiers Travel to taste Chinese tea (Yunnan) like Doi Mae Salon. Yunnan Chinese food Pork Leg Mantou”

Ban Rak Thai is a village in Lem Yunnan. Former Chinese nationalist soldiers (Brigade 93) "Komintang" Ban Rak Thai, located at an altitude of over 1,776 micrometers above sea level, an ideal area for growing good tea and temperate plants.

The scenery of the village is surrounded by mountain ranges. And abundant trees Ban Rak Thai is a famous tourist attraction. On the subject of tea and pork knuckle buns Similar to Doi Mae Salon Tourists come here to indulge in tea tasting and eating pork leg buns. By liking the tranquility of this Thai Rak Thai house which still has many activities for tourists to enjoy, such as

  • Trekking to study the route by a little guide taking us to see "Kuk Din"
  • Riding horses across the border to Burma

In addition, at Baan Rak Thai There is also a waterfront guest house (Baan Din) for tourists who need to experience nature close as well.

Getting to Ban Rak Thai

From Mae Hong Son town, take Highway No. 1095 Mae Hong Son, Mae Malai, to Pai District, to Ban Kung Mai Teak junction. (Not far from Mae Hong Son town) will find a sign indicating the route to Ban Rak Thai. By turning left along the way to the Phu Klon Country Club along the route, there will be many attractions such as Pha Suea Waterfall, a Royal Project of Pang Tong. Food bank project, Ban Ruam Thai (Pang Ung), and then to Baan Rak Thai, the last village on the border with Myanmar (Burma).

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