“Maehongson Town There are many interesting things such as the museum shop.”

Maehonson city tour is a key program.  MaeHongSon is named as the city of three misty season (Muang Sam Mok) located in the embrace of mountains. Here is just a small city with a few road.   It is all great in many aspects, natural or cultural.  The center of the city is starting point of many tour program.  Cultural tour in the city e.g. temples with mixed style of Thai and Myanmar. Adventure tour along the river, elephant riding and trekking e.g. Pai and Salawin. 

Spending your holiday time here, drive and admire the sights.  Taste northern food in many restaurants at your style.  Thai Yai, Karen, Myanmar and traditional Thai foods can be found in the city along the main road, Khunlumprapas.

Here you may fly from Chiangmai or rent a car from Chiangmai and enjoy sight seeing interesting places, taking hot spring bath at Pai, visit Lod cave, and head for the city.

After Pai and Pang Mapha Districts, you will finally reach Maehongson.  From Chiangmai to Maehonson, you will pass neary 2000 sharp curves.  You should get a certificate if you arrive here by a car. You can get it at Maehonson Chamber of commerce.

For more information, please contact: Maehongson Tourism Office 053-612982-3

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