“In the rainy season, a lot of water cascades down the boulders in rainbow splashes. The natural spring wtaer come from the mountain will make you refresh, and if you want to change your ambiance and being tirede to your trip or swim on thye salt water this place is for you,”

Chum Saeng Waterfall is located in Ban Pak Chan, Tambon Pak Chan, 80 kms. from the city area or 16 kms. from Amphoe Kra Buri. It can be reached by traveling along the Highway No. 4 (the route to Chumphon) and then turning left at kms. 529-530 to the laterite road fro another 3 kms. Sai Rung which means a rainbow in named according to the splashing figure of the waterfall resulting from the strong hit of the powerful water agains rocks.

If you want a change because your tired already in many beach that youve been this place is perfect for you the naturak beauty of the waterfall will make change anf refresh you from salt water to natural spring fresh water come from the mountain. 

  • About 499 km from Bangkok takes about 6 hours 6 minutes, 87.7 miles away from the city about the city takes about 1 hour 31 minutes.

Chum Saeng Waterfall


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