“Ao Wai, Koh Samet, quiet, white sandy beach, no crowds Suitable for relaxation, there is only one resort called Samet Ville Resort.”

Ao Wai, Koh Samet is a beautiful coastal destination located on Koh Samet in Thailand. With crystal clear blue waters pure sand coast and green surroundings There is a fine white sandy beach with long candle trees that are suitable for swimming.

Ao Wai Beach also offers a wide selection of charming beach restaurants and bars. Serves delicious Thai food and refreshing tropical drinks. Indulging in Fresh Seafood.Watching the sunset over the ocean is a highlight for many tourists. The warm and friendly welcome of the locals adds to the overall charm of the beach.Making it a memorable destination for everyone who visits.

Opening hours: 24 ชม.

Samet Ville Resort is about 6.5 kilometers from Ban Phe, a beautiful resort near Ao Wai. Because at present it is defined as Koh Samet is natural. So create a good atmosphere for people to relax and play on the beach.

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