“Pagoda A large temple in the middle of the field. The temple is covered with trees.”

The "sausage" means "sausage" that twenty "behind" means that the temple after the temple. It means that the temple has 20 pagodas.

A large temple in the middle of the field. The temple is covered with trees. This temple is an important place of ancient Lampang Province. Both historical and antiquities. The evidence of the amulet Hariphunchai Chai at the pagoda. It is assumed that this temple was built for over a thousand years.

What is inside the temple?

Phra That Chedi The art of Lanna mixed Burmese art.
"Instant Buddha" bronze meditation Pang. Chiang Saen Art
The temple is a large Buddhist temple. It is a statue of Buddha with magnificent Buddhist image.
All three doors are ancient. Write beautifully watered patterns.
Stained glass windows are decorated in modern style.
Sala of the One-storey wooden house behind the Ubosot It is a museum show the antiquities that the people bring.
In 1983, villagers discovered a 100-pound, 100-pound, gold-plated Buddha statue that was given to the monk. "Golden Buddha" is a statue of Buddha. Lanna Art Around the 9th century, the size of the 9-inch, 15-inch lapel was the first gold statue to be registered as a national antiquity.

Located at Tambon Thongchai. 5 km from the city center.

For more information, please visit: TAT Chiang Mai Office (Temporary office) (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang) 053-276140-2

Chedi Pagoda 089-6365370

Wat Chedi Sao


Lampang Road - Chaing Mai, Ton Thongchai, Muang Lampang, Lampang 52000 Map

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