“Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom Made from leatherette There is a relic that has been beautifully decorated.”

Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom is the largest temple in the district, boasting a large Lanna-style Chedi and an extensive place of worship built in laterite by Karens living in the vicinity who were admirers of the highly revered Phra Kru Ba Chaiwongsa. The temple is about 5 kilometres off Highway No. 106 at Km. 47.

It is about 10 kilometers south of the district, about 5 kilometers from Highway No. 106 at kilometer 46-47.

Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom


Moo 8, Na Sai Subdistrict, about 10 kilometers south of the district, Li District, Lamphun Province 51110 Map

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