“Songkhla Lake , the only natural lake in Thailand is about 80 kilometers long and 20 to 25 kilometers wide. It is a freshwater lake with brackish water near the mouth.”

Songkhla Lake or Phatthalung Lake or Lampam Lake It is the only lake in Thailand that is adjacent to the provinces of Phatthalung and Songkhla. At the bottom of Songkhla Lake, there is a large island, Ko Yo, and there are other islands that have received concessions for collecting bird's nests, such as Ko See and Ko Haa.

Songkhla Lake, is the largest natural lake in Thailand. It is located in the southern part of the country, primarily in Songkhla Province. The lake is an integral part of the unique ecosystem of the region and holds significant ecological and economic importance.

Covering an area of approximately 80 kilometers long and 20 to 25 kilometers wide in Songkhla and Phatthalung Provinces. In addition, it is the only natural, fresh-water lake in Thailand. Several islands across from its mouth namely, ko Yai, Ko Si, Ko Ha, Ko Kaeo, Ko Mak, Ko Rai, and Ko Yo 

The local people have made their living by tending orchards, fishing, weaving and making ceramics and tiles. Thus, Ko Yo has been described  by the following slogan: Blessed by Somdet Chao, Precious woven cloths, Sweet fruits, Fresh seafood, Charming Tinnasulanon bridge, and Famed Thaksin Institute.

Open everyday time: 24 hours

To/from Bangkok: Air-con buses by The Transport Co. Ltd run between Bangkok southern bus terminal and Songkhla bus terminal daily. The distance is 984 km and normally takes 12.5 hours.

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