“The island has an area of around 30 km2, with many beautiful beaches of fine sand. It is surrounded by small islands, and is an ideal place for diving.”

Koh Adang Rawi This Island is situated 40 kms.west of Tarutao are famous for beautiful beaches. There are several neighbouring islands such as  Ko Li Pe where a sea gypsy village and coral reefs can be seen, Ko Hin Ngam which is  full of shiny black pebbles along its beaches, and  Ko Khai, a small island with a natural stone arch. Ko Khai also has a good white-sand beach. Boat from Ko Tarutao take about  40 minutes to reach Ko Khai. Tourist can also charter long-tails from Ko Lipe out of here.

The island consist of many attraction sudh as the white sandy beach and the other inhabitants live in the place since it is mix of evergreen forest and beach you can see some differect kind of squirels and wild pigs. You can have relaxation in this place is the one reason why tourist want to go back on this place.

  • Holidays throughout the year.
  • Located 40 kilometers from the east of Tarutao Island or 80 kilometers from town, Satun

Koh Adang Rawi


Koh Tarutao Subdistrict, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000 Map

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