“Wat Ban Noi, Ban Noi Noi, Amphoe Poo Thale”

Wat Ban Noi, Ban Noi Noi, Pho Thale with Wat Ban Noi, Pho Thale. With the use of brass wire to create a sculpture like Luang Por Wat money, some of the world's famous teacher of Phichit province. Buddha is generally used to cast a floating body. The construction of Luang Por money is strange. I have to see the villagers about the basket. I have a concept and design. This basketry. We do not use artisans. But we use the force of the villagers together with the monks. In this construction we. Using brass wire to create a sculpture woven like a Luang Por

Wat Bang Khet 2 meters high 2.50 meters using 0.21 mm brass wire, the size of a hair length 130,517 meters, weight of about 1,000 kg, using the time to create a blank. 1 year and 9 months. From Phra Kru Witthayawut Wisat said that the shape of Luang Por money made of brass wire. Created by the faith of Buddhist monks and Buddhists. The woven wire at each line with "" stripes ", the sculpture below the Buddha. Must be sensitive, have a hard time.

Can travel along Highway No. 1067, turn left for about 3 kilometers.

Wat Ban Noi


Tambon Ban Noi, Amphoe Pho Thale, Chang Wat Phichit 66130 Map

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