“ the temple was built in the late Ayutthaya period wall mural is plaster art. ”

Wat Bangkapom Located at 37-38 Kms along Highway 325 (Samut Songkhram - Bang Phae) is the oldest temple built in the late Ayutthaya period.

The hightlights of this temple are:

  • the wall mural different from the general pattern is a stucco embossed storey on the Lord Buddha. Wall surrounding the temple facade is pierced for a Buddha image.
  • Footprint model overlaid four large footprint in descending order. It is guessed that the footprint was built in Thonburi period. 
  • Nearby is a little coffee shop selling coffee, tea, aroma, taste traditional food.

Temple closes at 17:00-18.00 hrs.

Wat Bangkapom


37-38 kms, A.Muang, Samutrsongkram Map

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