Khai Bang Kung is located at Mu 4, Tambon Bang Kung. It is a famous old Naval Forces Camp that is etched into Thai history. It was a location of great strategic importance to and great heroism of the Mae Klong people over invaders during late Ayutthaya going on to the Thonburi periods. Both Thai and Chinese soldiers, under the leadership of King Taksin The Great, annihilated and repelled the invading Burmese army. This powerful camp was indeed feared by the Burmese. Khai Bang Kung (Bang Kung Camp) was left deserted for almost 200 years. Then , in 1967, the Ministry of Education established a Boy Scout camp here in honour of King Taksin The Great. King Taksin’s Shrine was also built to commemorate his historic deeds. The Shrine erecting ceremony was held on June 20, 1968. The old Wat Bot and Wat Bang Kung are also located in this Camp area. Within the main building is a large stucco Buddha image that locals called Luang Pho Bot Noi. There are also murals of late Ayutthaya period depicting the story of Lord Buddha’s life. Getting there: take the route of Samut Songkhram - Bang Nok Khwaek (the same route to King Rama II Memorial Park). Before reaching the Church of the Virgin Mary, take a left turn to cross the Somdet Phra Ammarin Bridge, and then turn left again and continue for another 10 Kilometres

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