“It is a place to display the works of the Center for Thai Borirak and the Center for Moral Education. Selling local handicraft products of the province hill tribe products and housewives”

museum Kamphaeng Phet Chalerm Phrakiat It is the venue of the Thai Bricultural Center and the Ethics Center. Selling products of local handicrafts. Hill Tribe Products Inside the building is a modern audiovisual system with light and sound. Multimedia System Computer Exhibition The main exhibit is divided. Historic District Heritage (Arts and Culture) and Ethnology (Indigenous and Game)

For more information, please call (055) 722342.

Admission fee 10 baht/person, multimedia viewing 250 baht/group

museum Kamphaeng Phet Chalerm Phrakiat


104/5 Pindumrong Rd. Kamphaeng Phet 62000 Map

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