Don Hoi Lot It is a bar at the mouth of the Mae Klong River, created by sedimentation of sandy soil or “Khee Ped Sand” as called by the locals. It occupies a vast area 3 Kilometres wide and 5 Kilometres long. There are two places: Don Nok, located at the mouth of Mae Klong Gulf which can be accessed by boat. The second is Don Nai, located at Chu Chi village’s beach, Tambon Bang Cha Kreng and at Bang Bo Village’s Beach, Tambon Bang Kaeo; which can be reached by car. This bar contains various species of mollusc such as Hoi Lai, Hoi Puk (Ridged Venus clam), Hoi Pak Ped, Hoi Khraeng (scallop), and most abundant is the of Hoi Lot (worm shells).

Worm Shells have 2 shells which resemble a straw and a muddy white meat. It lives in the muddy sand. Catching the worm shell is best done at low tide. The way to catch a worm shell is by using a little wooden stick dipped in lime and plaster mixture and sticking it into the worm shell’s hole. The worm shell will be agitated by the mixture and will come to the surface and caught. It is not advisable to dump the lime and plaster mixture onto the ground as will likely kill all kinds of molluscs living there. The best time of the year to catch the worm shells are during the months of March to May, when they are in season.

A very important site within the Chu Chi Village area at Don Hoi Lot is the Shrine of Prince Chumphon Khet-udomsak which is highly revered by all Thais. There are also restaurants and stalls selling a vast variety of local products such as fresh-dried worm shell, fresh-dried seafood, fish sauce, Khlong Khon shrimp paste, palm sugar, and palm juice, and many others


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