“Wat Chang Rob Kamphaeng Phet Located within Kampaenphet-Sukhothai World Heritage sites”

Wat Chang Rop is a large temple situated on a high hill. Its main chedi of Ceylonese style is in the middle of the yard but its top part is broken down. The base is adorned with 68 half-elephants between which are Bhoti-shaped designs. There are also traces of demon and female dancers figures remaining.

Apart from these temples, there are also several ancient sites on the east bank of the Ping River, including Wat Arwat Yai, Wat Kalothai and Phra Ruang Road.

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Wat Chang Rob Kamphaeng Phet


GG35+5VP, Nong Pling Subdistrict, Mueang Kamphaeng Phet District, Kamphaeng Phet 62000 Map

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