bungchawak in amphoe doem bang nang buat province Suphan Buri is part of the river Tha China of the devoid of sedimentary soil mud, and was separated from a large bueng of the land is the house, a variety within the area more than 1,700 rai rich in varieties of plants, many kinds of Red Lotus, especially in the morning to Joshua bloom, a bouquet to show appearance at mospheric among many quiet tourists can bring your own tent set up camp
with an environment of bueng are reasonable and complete with varieties of plants, such as many kinds of Bua Kok reed, rustled vegetables patted him on seaweed of sorts, and a residential water of birds, birds, field about 70 kinds of including, birds and bird migration, living or temporary shelter, such as a gallinule bird Kap Choeng Bua and bird migration, the red bird ducks, in the winter season openbill in October, birds, cooled, and ducks a queue at a bird migrations that rare had seen here as well as the ducks red wading ten thousands in the winter rest there was a duck the pygmy goose ducks the ghost, birds, a gallinule, birds, and electronic the á¨Ç a heron, light-colored a heron, red bird, rubber, etc. For this reason, the Company has announced that the area of bueng F tearing a prohibited areas to hunt animals
in addition, bueng F, and a source of fish plants. Such as an experienced woman lizard fish fish, Maesalid, etc. At present bueng F tearing has been declared as the wet water in accordance with the treaty for camping Czar when this year, in 1998 and declared a prohibited areas to hunt when this year, the 2525 bueng F, therefore, is the most important, and manipulation is the source of water source of breeding aquatic animals, and also a major tourist destinations in the nature and the agricultural produce, also has allocated an area around the bueng F, to the study and research such as the garden as well as many species chicken Bo crocodile freshwater Park local vegetables Royal show aquatic animals, etc.




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