at Tambol don chedi is far from the province about 31 kilometers along the highway 322 (Suphan Buri-Don Chedi) consists of foundation the king Naresuan king C tea stream out of war and Ong Chedi duel king Naresuan built a stupa in order to celebrate victory in the war duel that he is against the Viceroy Myanmar in January this year, and in the year Prof. copyright 2495 by the Royal Thai Army starters Ong Chedi built up a new form Langka pagoda as a circular large 66 meters wide base on the cover every 36 meters in 1592, as his Majesty King has been made to the opening ceremony and open to pray to the king of the ChakriDynasty Don Chedi when January 25 , 2502, the government has designated the 25 days of every year in January day, offering homage king of the ChakriDynasty Don Chedi and a good day, the Royal Thai Army together the province has organized to celebrate the king of the ChakriDynasty Don Chedi every year, from 1592 to about 100 meters is the location of the house king Naresuan within a statue of king Naresuan and the Suphan (p) is the most popular shrine was always.

Nong Sarai



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