“Monument of Independence Monument "Chao Pho Mueang Pan", founder of Khon Kaen city, is still a popular and well-maintained place. To be a health garden decorated with various sculptures”

The history of "Bung Bon" is the same as when the city of Khon Kaen was built at the edge of this swamp. Around 2340, there was a Pan City or Phra Nakhon Si Buri Ruk. In the past, that the city or town hall was located near the marsh until 1964, when Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn was Prime Minister. Moved the town hall to be located in the government center until present

Bueng Kaen Nakhon is located in the municipal area of ​​Khon Kaen city center. Is a large swamp with an area of ​​603 rai. In addition to being a monument enshrined "Chao Phia Muang Pan", founder of Khon Kaen city It is also a popular place to relax. And doing recreational activities for the people of the city because of the cozy atmosphere The surrounding area is adjusted. Cooked to be a health garden Decorated with various sculptures Look at the eyes, enjoy Moreover The municipality also planted Ton Koon. And dwarfs around, increasing shadyness More beautiful to the place The atmosphere at Khon Kaen Nakorn Khuek Bueng from morning to night On the east side of the swamp is a viewpoint of Khon Kaen, at the beautiful sunset. There is also a playground and a restaurant serving many types of food. Very suitable for bringing the family to change the profile.

Kaen Nakorn Swamp


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