“A monument for hospital known as "Arogyasal".”

Ku Kaew was a monument for hospital known as "Arogyasala" lite ality means "chapel of the hospital".  It was built during the reign of king Jayavaraman VII of ancient Khmer Kingdom in the early 13th century A.D.  The main sanctuary consists of a square building with front portico on the east side and Vihar on the southeast.  The front portico was built of laterite and sandstone surrounded by laterite wall and the rectangular pond lined by laterite.


Significant ancient objects such as the inscription, Bhodhisattava Vajradhara, Bhodhisattava Vajrapani, Yama.  All these sandstone sculptures belong to Mahayana Buddhism of Bayon style (AD 1177-1237).


The Fine Arts Department declared the registration and territory of Ku Kaew in Royal Gazette Vol 99 on 172 (18 Nov 1982).

Able to travel all year around without any admission fee.



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