“Southern Lamai Beach situates many interesting rock formations and pools, literally meaning grandfather and grandmother rocks. The coconut-shaded beach portrays Lamai in peaceful and natural look.”

Once upon a time, there was an old couple named Ta Kreng and Yai Riam. They wanted to sail for proposing a daughter of Ta Mong Lai for their son. When they reached Lamai Cape, the storm occurred and hit their boat down. Their bodies were washed ashore to create the rocks. These renowned rocks are in Tambol Mared, Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province. The folk tale of them has been told for ages.

Lamai also draws charms of local open-air market and old monastery, local museum and picturesque village scenes. Further south on beach side of the main road, is Wat Silangu, one of two golden pagodas on the island. This stunning spot features a shimmering exterior with solemn look against backdrop of the beauty of deep blue sea

Lamai Beach homes a few smart resorts, but full of budget accommodation which caters to travelers on a shoestring. The beach also offers numerous healing resorts, health centers and spas, bringing the northern beach to be named 'Longevity Beach'. However, if you are looking for a nice restaurant, it is better to go to Chaweng Beach, taking only 20-minute drive.

  • Lamai Beach is the second most popular beach, located 10 km to south of Chaweng Beach. Along the 4-km long coastline, creamy white sand beach lies parallel with deep blue seawater.
  • A songteow to and from the pier costs B70. Do not use as a private hire - just hop on as it comes and go with the locals.

Lamai Beach

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Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province 84140 Map

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