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Prasat Ban Phluang is a Hindu sactuary, located at Ban Phluang, Tambon Kang-aen, Ampoe Prasat, Surin Pronvince.  It is a single east-facing sandstone tower on a laterite base.  The building has a single front entrace with false doors on the remaiing three sides.  It is surrounded by a U-shaped pond.


Above the entrance, the lintel depicts the God Indra on his mount, the Airavata elephant, while the pediment depicts a scene of Krishna lifting the Govardhana Mountain.  The lintel in the North depicts Krishna flighting with kaliya, a Naga serpent, while the pediment depicts the God Indra on his mount.  The basreliefs here are similar to those of the Baphuon period, dating bact to ca 11-12 century A.D.

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Prasat Ban Phluang


Ban Phluang, T. Kang-aen, A.Prasat, Surin Map

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