“Arogaya Sala or nursing home, one of the 102 of its kind in the ancient Khmer Kingdom - King Jayavarman VII ”

Prasat Chang Pi is situated at Ban Chang Pi, Tambon Chang Pi, Amphoe Sikhoraphum, Surin province. It is a sanctuary of Mahayan Buddhism.  The east-facing sanctuary has a rectangular plan and was constructed iwth laterite and sandstone.  The sanctuary comprises: the main tower, the Vihara, the boundary wall the entrance gates, the pond.  I date from the 13th centuary A.D.


This sanctuarry was an Arogaya Sala or a nursing home, one of the 102 of its kind to have been constructed throughout the ancient Khmer Kingdom under the instruction of King Jayavarnman VII (1181-ca 1220 A.D.) as mentioned in the inscription at Ta Phrom in Cambodia.

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Prasat Changpi


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