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Wat Chaiyatikaram located at Ban Phon Mueang, Tambon Mai Klon, features a 55-centimetre-high bronze seated Buddha image in a subduing Mara posture, which is categorised in the Lane Xang art-styled Buddha image resembles the subduing Mara posture Buddha image at a terrace of Ho Phra Kaeo in Vientiane and at Visounnarath Temple in Luang Phra Bang that were built during the end of the 17th - 18th centuries.

To get there : From the front of the Phana District Office, take Mueang Phana Road and drive toward Tambon Mai Klon for about 6 kilometres, then make a right turn at the junction for about 1 kilometre to the temple.

Wat Chaiyatikaram


Amnat Charoen Phana District 37180 Map

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