Wat Mani Sathit Kapittharam is located on Sunthon Sathit Road, behind the health garden, at the Clock Tower Circle. This temple was constructed in the Rattanakosin period, and local people call it Wat Thung Kaeo. Inside the temple, there is a large five-pinnacled prang, with a width_ of 8 metres and a height_ of 16 metres, which was built in 1909. The prang contains the relics of Lord Buddha and the image of Luangpho Yaem who constructed this temple. In the area of the temple, there is a large holy water pool made of bricks and a stone tablet with magic scripts of Luangpho Yaem located in the middle of the pool. Its water was once used to bathe the king in the coronation ceremony of King Rama VI and King Rama VII.

Wat Mani Sathit



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