Located on the canal: Khlong Chak Phra (คลองชักพระ) in front of the district office. It is opened only on weekends from about 8:30 to 18:00. If you have a chance to be here, should not miss taking a boat tour. The tour include sigth-seeing of Thai house along the river, orchid farm, temples, etc. Fees for taking a half-day boat tour is 90 Bht/adult, 50 Bht/child and free of charge for child aged below 2. Only on Sunday, there is a special boat tour: 13.00-16.00 hrs at 120 Bht/adult and 60 Bht/child: Route is the normal route plus Snake Farm (Thonburi), Wat Paknam (หลวงพ่อสด), etc. This is a new attraction since floating markets, an old way of life of the Thai people, had vanished entirely from Bangkok for quite a long time. Goods includes noodle, desserts, seasonal fruits, and vegetables, as well as fish are sold from boats. Khun Pu, the pier manager was interviewed with Thai-Tour.com that he just renovated in June 08. He plan to change the outlook of the market to reflect the old Thai life-style like other old markets. We shall guide you by our photos below what is interesting here.

Taling Chan Floating Market



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