“It is the largest Catholic church in Thailand. There is a Western architectural style known as gothic art Decorated with stained glass on the wall as a picture of Christianity, very beautiful.”

Located near Stri Manda Phithak School, Tambon Chanthanimit, on the left side of the Chanthaburi River, this 275 years old historical church was renovated and rebuilt five times between 1711 to the present. The migrated Christian Vietnamese in Chanthaburi constructed it. The architecture in Gothic style decorated by stained glass and murals of Christian Gods, is beautiful and worth visiting. Besides, its style looks like the cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The beautiful antique houses in Vietnamese style around the church are interesting and allow tourists to have a close up view of the old community of Chanthaburi Province both life style and culture. Moreover, the morning market with local foods and desserts is also interesting. 

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception Chanthaburi


Chanthanimit Catholic Church 1, Chanthanimit, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Chanthaburi Province 22000 Map

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