Lumphini Park with 140 acre, is one of the very few areas of the Thai capital that is still patrolled by mounted policemen. It has the city's first public library and dance hall. During winter time, the Palm Garden of Lumphini Park becomes the site for the annual Concert in the Park festival featuring classical music by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and other bands.

Lumpini Park was built in the 1920s by King Rama VI on the royal property. A statue of the king stands at the southwestern entrance to the park. It was named for Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal, and at the time of its creation stood on the outskirts of the city.

Lumphini ParkToday it lies in the heart of the main business district and is in the Lumphini sub-district, on the north side of Rama IV Road, between Ratchadamri Road and Witthayu Road.

This park offers rare open space and grass in the Thai capital and contains an artificial lake where visitors can rent boats. A track around the lake is a popular area for bicycling.

Lumpini Park



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