“It is a place to store antiques and pottery confiscated from the Australian Tide ships violating the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. To smuggle antiquities out to foreign countries”

Located at Tambon Noen Ka Cha, on Highway No. 3147 (Tha Chalaep Road), the wall of the fort was built in the reign of King Rama III for defending the invasion from Vietnamese forces. The old cannons that line on the wall are very attractive. Inside the fort, there are several interesting places such as the city shrine of King Taksin, Wat Yothanimit in Chinese style architecture, etc. Moreover, it is the location of the Underwater Archeology Section where investigation and conservation techniques are explained, and on display are finds ( Sangkhalok earthenware and ceramics ) from the seabed of the Gulf of Thailand . Ask for the lecturer at the office: Tel No. 66-39-391236-7. 

Noen Wong Fort


H3P9+33J Tambon Bang Kacha, Amphoe Mueang Chanthaburi, Chanthaburi 22000 Map

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