“Chicken shit prison is a square tower”

Chicken Kee Cook is located in Tambon Pak Nam Laem Sing. 1 kilometer before the jetty, built in 1893 (R.E. 112) when the French seized Chanthaburi. In the case of disputes over territorial disputes on the left bank of the Mekong River Meanwhile, a French garrison of about 600 men splits up in two places. The first one is located in Chanthaburi. The area is currently a military camp. The other one is at Pak Nam Laem Sing.

France built a chicken poop prison to imprison Thai people who were against France. It is a square tower with a width_ of about 4.40 meters on each side and a height_ of about 7 meters. There are two rows of vents and a clear roof. It is said to be a very tortured prison. Because the upper floor is used as a chicken farm, The dung is poured over the prisoners' heads at all times.

How to get there: Khuk Kee Kai is about 30 kilometers from Amphoe Mueang. Take Highway No. 3 (Chanthaburi, Trat) and turn right onto Highway No. 3149 before reaching Laem Sing District. It is on the right hand side.

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