a royal temples, captain of a local temple [ 1 ] in His Majesty King Mongkuts overlord enacted by the build up in accordance with the ancient tradition, in the city will have to have an important temple Wat is regularly 3 temple Wat Mahathat Ratchaburana and Wat to establish such as the Sukhothai Sawankhalok Phitsanulok, Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, but the King Chulalongkorn His Majesty King; the glorious, a royal command voice of the Department of the palace glorious royal wedding celebration in the reign of King graciously to the 1 temple established carved temple nirvana, and changed to the Wat Phra Sri Sanphet but later there was a Royal Opinion, in Bangkok is still no Wat Mahathat so changed the name Wat Phra Sri Sanphet in Wat Mahathat and the Samphanthawong Her Royal Highness the Department of Luang an angel to conserve his son in his Majesty King Ananda Mahidol Her Royal Highness Prince Si Susaruk his sister her in the reign of 1 and reconstruction temple to make an overture, later called Wat Ratchaburana still lacking, the Royal invention, and he built up a new in order to complete the ancient Royal tradition and to the dedicated to monks and the end, a sect to which he himself and the princes of officials to go to merit the temple and the end, a religious sect or near historic have more convenient Wat invention, and this is the temple and the end, a religious sect or temple first built up to a monk in a sect, because other of the dharma to end a temple in converting the temple of the Maha Nikai Wat invention built up in the land that had a garden coffee of the high seas by construction Dr. in 2407 before his Majesty King, King Mongkut, his head to confer name, “ Wat valorize Sathit Dharma, ” put an end to the, when completed. After and it changed the “ Wat invention Sathit Maha, Nakhon Ratchasima, ” to suit the enshrined principle is the rock, which is, and a magic stone Pali and Thai, and the royal compositions as well as 10 main appeared in the announcement. In 1927. 2411, announced by the temple called the invention that is to be called the temple, an invention that temple Wat Eurocentric and invention is not correct to confer with the name, and he reiterated that the measure, called “ Wat invention ” or “ Wat invention static Maha, Nakhon Ratchasima, ” after he finished, he had to take the pine Sophon (Sa-Pusu Vaud. 9) or novice, the auditor licentiate 9 sentence when a novice monk was a novice monk Nag highway licentiate first picture of the Rattanakosin from Wat temple, a glorious house abbot. In 1927. Year of the ox and 2408, to celebrate the Abbot; and a new temple Wat at 3. The Invention Sathit Maha, Nakhon Ratchasima, a local temple in this area. The House of a Government official, housing reign that he would like to buy the 4 to put an end to the temple built a Catholic Church. In 1927. 2407 for Duke officials in the front-in that charity convenience, because the royal palace near the temple Highway is a mural of the ceremony 12 months. King Rama 5 and please, painting, architecture, such as the spa at the chedi, Prang Khmer, library in Bangkok Chom, the ho trai, etc. And because with the end, a sect strictly in the area, transmigration , so it is prohibited women through come out of King Rama III from 4 to the present.

Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram



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