Soldier Monument is a monument at the Delta is located at the corner at the road in the north Sanam Luang opposite antiques, a memorial to Bangkok Thai Military to join the war in the field of battle Europe after the first World War occurred. In 1927. 2457 by Thailand to join Marseille, a French with English and the United States has declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary when July 22 , 2460
his Majesty King crown, the head and please to announce that the Soldier when June 19 , 2461 travel from Thailand when June 20 , 2461 for further information before breaking for traveling battle Thai Military Operations to support the army, France and fought with military Winkles National League bravely spiritedly
military volunteered died in the field of battle of 19 and was buried at Sub-district, and I, six of the (Jube Court) in the war, France and then the cremation at the cemetery in Germany when war at peace. The Marseille on the winning military Asa has gradually returned to Thailand last came when September 21 , 2462 [ 2 ] with bones of military died
. His Majesty King crown king, the head with the King initiated to build a monument for containing bones of a warrior, they let a grandson of Her Royal Highness Prince, and the body of accession family (the rank at the moment) and the design [ 1 ] A monument shape like a chedi booth 4, with trophies marble front and rear of the statue to engrave on reason of the declaration of war, announced the military volunteers for his power and the other two, to engrave on the name of the military, lay down his life of 19 people her age rank, name on months of the year and place the death bones of military deaths have been brought to recruit at the heroes of this on the 24 September 2001. . 2462

Volunteered Soldier Monument Bangkok



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